China Dialogue Trust CEO Isabel Hilton spoke at China Pavilion event at Madrid COP25

How to engage the public in climate change communication? China Dialogue Trust CEO Isabel Hilton gave a speech on the challenges of climate reporting.

Ms. Hilton attended the side event of the Madrid UNFCCC COP25 co-sponsored by the China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO) and The Youthink Center at the China Pavilion on Dec 14, 2019. The event focused on exploring the best ways for civil society to participate in mitigating and adapting to climate change. Representatives from different regions shared stories of civil society participation in climate change and discussed how civil society organizations can disseminate climate change science and policy more effectively. About 40 delegates from the media and NGOs around the world attended this event.

In her address, Ms. Hilton said: “Reporting on climate change is most effective only when it touches people’s hearts and minds. For example, the problem of plastic waste has drawn the attention of the British public largely because they are touched by those images and stories presented in Blue Planet. ”