China Dialogue Trust held event in London to discuss China and the global oceans

On Sep 25, 2018, China Dialogue Trust hosted its first event in London on the topic of China and the ocean at the Frontline Club. A panel of international experts shared their views on China’s role in some of the biggest challenges facing our marine ecosystems, from the loss of livelihoods and fish stocks in West Africa, to the scourge of ocean plastic, to the development of the Blue Economy. Speakers include: Isabel Hilton, OBE, China Dialogue CEO; Ma Tianjie, Beijing Director of China Dialogue; Stephen Akester, Director of MacAlister Elliott and Partners and adviser to The World Bank; Marcy Trent Long, of Sustainable Asia and the ‘Eight Million’ podcast; Torsten Thiele, of The London School of Economics and Political Science and an expert on the Blue Economy.